The privacy policy of Martand Group is to respect the privacy of a visitor to the company site. One must understand that when visiting the site, what is collected and what is done with that information. The visit to the site is determined by the privacy policy and the Terms of use by us.

The privacy policy is dependent on the following:

Collection of Information and its usage:

The information collected will be used as per the Privacy policy.

The active data collection:

The active data collection is done through the questions asked in our website or by direct communication through emails. Some of the information like name, address, phone number and email address are uniquely identifiable for the visitor. These will be used for sending information to the user at a later date.

The use of the information:

The operation of the site is improved by the personal information from the visitors. Martand Group allows you all the features and requests for your input regarding these additional features, depending on your interests. The disclosure of any information will be at Martand Group’s sole discretion in compliance with regulation, law, request from Government and legal process.

Log Files:

The IP address can be used for gathering demographic information for aggregate use or for analysis of usage and administration of site.


The session cookies, which are transient in nature, are used for the sites, which delete the information on the closure of the site. The session cookies used for the site in case of a form being submitted will retain the data, even after the browser is closed. The option is there on the forms, when you can save the data and this can avoid the re-entry of the same data when you register for the same form. A cookie is a small file placed on the hard disk of the computer or the website server and cannot cause any damage to the computer or the files. However, one is not obliged to accept a cookie which is being sent to you but if not accepted, certain features of the websites are not accessible by the users.

Third Parties:

The work can be outsourced to webhosting companies and data analysis firms and they may be provided information as stated above.

The choice that is given about how the information will be used

There are many choices provided and control mechanisms for the personal information of the user. The mechanisms provided are as follows:

  • The option of opting out from marketing messages can be send at info@martandgroup.com

The above privacy policy has to be read very carefully and not agreeing with the policy means that you cannot use the site. Otherwise visiting the site is equivalent to the acceptance of the Privacy Policy. If the policy is revised then the continuous use of the site means compliance with the revised Privacy Policy.

How is the protection of the information done by Martand Group

We use both procedural and technical methods for protecting the security of the database, including the use of firewalls.

Notifications for changes:

The revised privacy policy is being posted here, as we keep on changing the privacy policy at periodic intervals. The rights to use any information will be dependent on the existing privacy policy at that time. So, if the user is not notified then it is suggested that the user periodically consults the Privacy Policy.


We are only responsible for our site with respect to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policies of links with other sites are the user’s responsibility.

The use of the site by Children:

The website is not intended for children below the age of 13. We will not knowingly collect the information belonging to these age groups. The parents are encouraged to converse with the children about the disclosure of the information and the use of internet.

Any Comments:

We try to ensure that the visit to the site is a satisfying experience. One may email us at info@martandgroup.com for any suggestions or comments related to the Privacy Policy or contact us at: (+91-11-4344-7000)


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